18th Aug 2017

A criminal defense attorney in Miami Dade can explain that Florida law defines kidnapping as using force, threatening to use force, imprisoning, abducting or confining another person against their will.   Kidnapping can refer to the taking of an adult as … more

15th Aug 2017

A South Florida criminal defense attorney is often retained when defendants are facing charges for conspiracy.   These can be based on a conspiracy to commit murder, manufacture drugs or any other host of crimes.   If you are facing criminal conspiracy … more

8th Aug 2017

Jurors in a criminal case should not form definite opinions on the case before hearing all of the evidence.    Jurors are not supposed to discuss a case with each other until all of the evidence has been presented.    … more

4th Aug 2017

Federal drug trafficking  is one of the most common federal drug crime charges in America.   Drug trafficking includes the procurement, distribution, possession, or sale of everything ranging to prescription pills and marijuana to methamphetamines and “hard” drugs. Individuals involved in … more

1st Aug 2017

Crimes and civil infractions are typically charged at either the municipal, city, or state level depending on their severity.   When a crime spans state lines, involves substantial amounts of money, or is caused by specific actions, the charges are automatically … more

31st Jul 2017

Federal and Florida laws governing Internet content are complex.   Various agencies with different criteria and penalties can become involved and a criminal defense law firm in south Florida is beneficial in working through the complicated possibilities In 1996 the Communications … more

25th Jul 2017

A criminal defense attorney in Broward County helps individuals who are facing serious charges such as reckless driving by carefully assessing the circumstances surrounding the incident that led to arrest and the possible defenses to the charges.   A criminal defense … more

24th Jul 2017

Even the rich and famous are susceptible to being indicted for a crime.    In fact, recently, two stars of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, Teresa and Joe Giudice, were indicted in 39 federal charges of conspiracy to defraud … more

18th Jul 2017

Manslaughter charges are very serious and can result in several years behind bars, as a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale can explain.   However, there may be a number of plausible defenses that a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale … more

11th Jul 2017

A criminal defense attorney in Miami Dade often begins an initial consultation with a prospective client by reviewing the charges that the he or she is facing.   Resisting arrest without violence is defined as a person resisting, obstructing or opposing … more