19th Apr 2016

While obstruction of justice colloquially sounds like interfering with justice, a criminal defense attorney in Broward County can explain that this charge can denote any number of criminal acts under Florida law. Some of the possible crimes that a criminal defense attorney in Broward County may defend his client against obstruction of justice realm include:

Accessory After the Fact

This crime alleges that a person has aided a person who has committed a felony so that he or she can avoid arrest or otherwise escape detection. There are exceptions for certain individuals if they are related to the person who committed the felony.

Disobeying a Police Officer

In some situations, if a person disobeys a police officer, this can be considered a form of obstruction of justice. However, to be convicted, the prosecution must establish that the defendant knew the individual was a police officer and that he or she was making a lawful order.

False Impersonation

It is also unlawful to falsely pretend to be a law enforcement officer and to act under the color of law. This conduct can result in a conviction of an obstruction of justice charge.

Harassment of Certain Individuals

Individuals are not permitted to harass witnesses or jurors. Doing so can result in serious penalties.

Tampering with Evidence

It is considered obstruction of justice for someone to knowingly tamper with evidence. Tampering with evidence includes any act to alter, conceal, destroy or remove anything that could be used as evidence in a trial or other criminal proceeding. It also includes creating or presenting any evidence that is known to be false.


Individuals also cannot lie during sworn testimony or they may face charges for perjury, an obstruction of justice offense.

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