24th May 2016

Identity theft is a serious crime with the potential to be charged as a first degree felony in some cases, as a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale can explain.  However, the term “identity theft” can mean very different things under Florida law.  Some of the common cases that a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale may defend include:

Possession of Personal Identification Information

It is illegal under Florida law for a person to possess or to use another person’s identifying information for a criminal purpose without that individual providing consent.  The severity of this charge is based on the amount that the defendant obtained through using such information, as well as the number of victims.

It is a separate charge for someone to use or possess the personal identification information of a deceased individual.  Another charge exists if the victim is a minor.

Counterfeit Identification

It is illegal for someone to use or possess a counterfeit idea with the intent to use it in a way to commit fraud.

False Personation

A separate charge can apply if a person presents oneself as another person in order to obtain property.


It is also illegal to acquire a person’s personal identification in order to harass the individual.

Being convicted of any of these crimes is a serious matter.  Some acts can result in a felony charge that carries with it a potential prison sentence of several years.  Contact a criminal defense lawyer if you believe that you are being investigated for identity theft.

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