23rd Feb 2016

In certain circumstances, you can request that your criminal records be sealed or expunged. A criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale can explain whether your case qualifies for Expungement and the steps necessary to complete this process. A criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale can also explain some of the benefits of expunging records, including:

Legal Questions 

The primary benefit of having your record sealed or expunged is so that you can legally deny or fail or to acknowledge arrests that are sealed or expunged. However, there are many exceptions to being able to make this denial or failure to acknowledge, including if you are seeking to change your immigration status, seeking employment with law enforcement, seeking employment that involves working with children or the elderly or seeking admission to the Florida Bar.


The most practical benefit for most people who have their record sealed or expunged is the ability to seek employment. By not having to acknowledge an arrest or conviction in limited circumstances, a person’s employment application is unblemished in this respect. This allows the individual to potentially be eligible for more jobs.


When a record is sealed or expunged, this means that certain offices and entities involved with the original arrest or conviction must take certain steps to remove this information from being found. It is no longer a public record like with other arrests or convictions. While this does not guarantee that some government officials or private companies will not be able to retrieve the information, it does make it harder to find and provides greater privacy to the individuals affected by the records.

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