26th Apr 2016

When kids are being accused of a crime, a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale can provide juvenile crime defense services. Juvenile crimes work differently and proceed in a different manner than other types of criminal charges. However, the consequences of being convicted are all too sobering. A criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale can assist juveniles by:

Explaining Their Rights

It may be difficult for people who are not yet considered adults by law to understand their legal rights. They may say something that incriminates them simply because they are intimidated by the situation, whether their statement is true or not. It may be easier for children defendants to be manipulated by law enforcement officers. A criminal defense attorney can help explain the defendant’s rights to him or her.

Defending Their Rights

If the defendant’s rights have been violated, a criminal defense attorney can help defend them. If a law enforcement officer violated the defendant’s rights, a criminal defense attorney can take steps to prevent illegally-gained evidence or testimony from being used against the defendant.

Discussing Options

A criminal defense attorney knows the potential ramifications of going to trial or pleading guilty. He or she can discuss the defendant’s options with him or her and the family. This allows the defendant to make an informed decision about the approach he or she wants to take under the circumstances.

Seeking Youthful Offender Status

Florida’s youthful offender status provides some safeguards for juvenile offenders who are convicted of certain crimes. This status often results in the defendant receiving a lighter sentence. Additionally, the defendant can often maintain his or her civil rights and may be able to avoid acquiring a criminal record in certain situations. A criminal defense attorney can discuss the viability of this option.

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