8th Nov 2016

A criminal defense attorney in Miami Dade can explain that kidnapping is one of the most serious crimes that a person can be accused of.  As such, it is associated with very serious criminal penalties, including a maximum punishment of imprisonment of up to 30 years and a fine up to $10,000.  Aggravated kidnapping is associated with even harsher penalties, including the possibility of receiving a life sentence.   A criminal defense attorney in Miami Dade will work diligently to protect clients from these harsh sentences associated with kidnapping.

Kidnapping is defined under Florida law as the confinement, abduction or imprisonment of another person without his or her consent.  For the crime to be committed, an element of forcible, secret or threatening means to commit the crime.  Additionally, an intent to hold the victim for ransom or reward or to use as a hostage, to commit the commission of a felony, to inflict bodily harm on the victim or to interfere with a government function.

There must be some type of connection between the movement or confinement of the victim and the felony that is being committed in order for the prosecution to secure a conviction.  The felony must not be inconsequential or incidental to the other crime.  Additionally, it must not be inherent in nature of the other crime.  It must also have significance that is separate from the other crime.  A criminal defense lawyer can analyze the prosecution’s case in order to determine whether it can prove all of these elements.  He or she can also discuss potential defenses to this crime.

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