23rd Feb 2015

If your facility is being investigated for, or has been accused of healthcare fraud, acting quickly to retain an appropriate Miami-Dade criminal defense attorney is an imperative decision.  The complexity of laws and regulations impacting healthcare networks can be confusing and affecting. It is not uncommon for a healthcare professional to develop an awareness of an ongoing investigation. Any employee may be targeted which creates a trickle up or down impact on anyone else within the network  when defense counsel is retained early, a comprehensive internal investigation can be launched that may impact the direction of that investigation and the outcome. Such an investigation should be at the direction of an attorney in order to facilitate a confidentiality concerning the outcome of details of such an internal investigation.  Many of these cases involve multiple targets so it is important for everyone involved to have proper representation. When all parties have adequate representation, they are more likely to make sound legal decisions rather than being intimidated by governmental investigators.

If your Miami-Dade healthcare facility is being investigated for healthcare fraud, retain counsel immediately in order to create a prudent and effective legal strategy.

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