Can I get charged with DUI using an e-Scooter?

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10th Nov 2021

Nowadays, e-Scooters are popular among many people for their convenience. With the boom in the transportation industry, the use of e-Scooters have been on a significant rise in recent years. They have been used in commuting from point to point in a city without having to deal with heavy traffic in major streets and busy intersections.

The popularity of these motorized scooters is exploding with their users, but can you get charged with DUI while using an e-Scooter? Let’s find out!

Yes, it is possible to get a DUI for riding an e-scooter if you’re under the influence. Most states and cities have DUI laws and ordinances that apply to scooters. But make sure you check with your local government since some may only apply to motorized vehicles with larger motors.

What kinds of vehicles fall under DUI law?

All states have laws that forbid driving while intoxicated. A DUI conviction can result in fines and jail time, community service, and the loss of license and vehicle registration.

E-scooters fall under DUI laws when they are in use. In states that ban drunk driving within any vehicle, riding an e-scooter while intoxicated is a crime.

In these states, the following vehicles are subject to DUI laws:

  • cars,
  • trucks,
  • motorcycles,
  • mopeds,
  • skateboards,
  • bicycles, or
  • e-scooters

Can you lose license for DUI using an e-scooter?

Yes, e-scooter riders convicted of drunk driving may lose their driver’s license and face significant fines and court fees. Despite this possibility, many people take to the scooters after drinking without a valid license or motorcycle endorsement. The penalty for riding an e-scooter under the influence varies by jurisdiction, but could range from a fine to jail time.

 Will an intoxicated e-scooter rider be held liable in case of a crash?

Riding an e-scooter while intoxicated or with any traces of alcohol in your blood is subject to criminal penalties, including loss of driving privileges. Operating any electric scooter under the influence of drugs or alcohol violates these terms, and includes the risk of incurring additional administrative penalties including loss of driving privileges.

If you’ve ever been inebriated behind the wheel of your car, you know that one of the most terrifying aspects of that is how little control you have over your ability to operate a vehicle.

The same can be said for riding an electric scooter while intoxicated. Even if you’re only slightly buzzed, you’re putting yourself and others at risk. Drunkenly riding an e-scooter is dangerous and illegal – and it could land you in jail. Just like operating a motor vehicle, operating any type of scooter under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited by law.

Are e-Scooters Considered Motor Vehicles?

E-scooters are considered motor vehicles in many states because they meet the legal definition of a motor vehicle. They are self-propelled, can carry passengers, and can be operated on public roadways.

If your state’s DUI law defines the term “motor vehicle” to include e-scooters, you could face drunk driving charges if you operate an e-scooter while intoxicated.

In some states, however, the term “motor vehicle” does not include electric scooters or electric bicycles because they cannot travel faster than a certain speed and have a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour or less. States may also use a different definition for DUI laws – to determine whether a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.