What Counts as Insurance Fraud?

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20th Nov 2014

There are many variations of insurance fraud in Broward County.

It is not uncommon for a person to be accused through the mail, by an insurance company or non-law enforcement, governmental entity. If this occurs, do not ignore since it is essential to obtain legal counsel immediately. Early representation may prevent a criminal charge from even arising . Getting an experienced criminal defense attorney involved from the onset gives you a superior chance in getting a favorable resolution.

Insurance fraud generally involves an allegation of an inflated or non-existent claim. Those allegations may arise within the field of residential and commercial property, personal injury, automobile, property, health insurance, or workers’ compensation. Some of the most common allegations in an insurance fraud case may involve allegations of arson, fraudulent billings to healthcare providers, staged automobile accidents, false or inflated property claims, phony workers’ compensation claims, or false life insurance claims.

When there is the slightest hint of being accused of insurance fraud, you need to retain a Broward County defense attorney immediately. An attorney that has extensive experience prosecuting such cases as well as successfully defending such allegations puts the law on your side.

If you have been accused of insurance fraud, you need someone to help you sort through the complex details associated with these kinds of cases. Do not delay in contacting a criminal defense attorney that has extensive experience in the field of insurance fraud defense. Don’t let an insurance fraud allegation turn your life upside down – contact an expert today.