Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Defends Individuals Accused of Cyber Crimes

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12th Jun 2018

With the advent of new technology, laws have been developed to address various acts committed on the computer.  A criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale can help explain the nature of the crimes with which you are being charged. Your criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale can also explain the following information during your initial confidential consultation.

Elements of Computer Crimes

The prosecutor must prove by proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant intentionally, knowingly and without necessary permission committed a specified cyber crime.

Intellectual Property Computer Crimes

Some computer crimes are considered criminal because of their effect on intellectual property.  Florida criminalizes the acts of infecting a computer system with a virus or disabling or destroying software or data.  It is also a crime to take or share confidential information or trade secrets.  These crimes are often committed by accessing another individuals’ computer without their authorization, damaging another person’s computer, conducting surveillance of another person’s computer or illegally accessing another person’s data on their computer, device or network.

Criminal Consequences of Cyber Crimes

If a person is convicted of a cyber crime, he or she faces strict penalties.  The potential consequences depend on the crime committed and the extent of financial damage.  An intellectual property cyber crime can be considered a third degree or a second degree felony offense.  A crime against a computer user can be considered a first degree felony if a life is endangered by the cyber crime or it causes a disruption in a victim’s medical treatment.

Defenses to Computer Crime Charges

A criminal defense lawyer can help establish defenses to these crimes.  One such defense is that the defendant did not have the necessary intent or knowledge to commit the crime.  Another defense is, if the victim gave permission to use the computer, system or device.