Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Defends Those Accused of Burglary

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25th Dec 2018

An experienced criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdalecan explore possible defenses that you may have to the burglary charges you are facing. Possible defenses depend on the specific circumstances involved in the case. Some of the defenses your criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale may be able to raise include the following:

Permission to Be There 

A burglary charge requires the prosecutor to show that you were unlawfully on the property. If you had permission to be at the location, this is a viable defense. The owner of the property may have invited you to be there or someone living there may have given you permission to be there. In some instances, there is an implied invitation, such as if the location is open to the public. Even if the owner or occupant of the building did not give you permission to be there but you thought he or she did, you can potentially use this information as a defense in your case.

Mistake about Whereabouts 

In some situations, a person may go into a place where he or she does not actually have permission to be but believes it to be somewhere else where he or she had consent to be. For example, a friend may invite you to a party and you go to the wrong house by mistake. In other situations, you may be intoxicated and think you made it home only to later discover you are in an unknown home.

No Criminal Intent 

The crime of burglary only occurs if you enter somewhere with the intent to commit a crime. If you had no such criminal intent, this is a potential defense to the crime.