Criminal Defense Attorney in Miami Dade Champions Your Rights When Facing Pornography Allegations

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10th Sep 2020

Sometimes even being accused of child pornography can ruin a person’s reputation for the rest of their life. As an experienced criminal defense attorney in Miami Dade, Scott Saul can quickly get to work on your case. He knows how to challenge these serious charges against you. A skilled criminal defense attorney in Miami Dade will investigate your case for the following:

Potential Motive
In some child pornography or sex crime cases, the alleged victim or associate may have a hidden agenda for alleging such crimes. For example, a previous romantic partner may plant illegal images in an act of revenge because you cheated on them or the relationship did not work out. Or, an enemy may make allegations against you because of a previous humiliating encounter. Or, the other parent of your child may make accusations of this nature to try to gain an upper hand in a child custody dispute.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can review the charges against you and where they began to look for a possible motive. He or she can also look to see if your accuser has made similar reports in the past.

Illegal Search
In some cases, taskforces may be formed to target certain people. They may try to remotely access your computer or may search your home without consent. If an illegal search resulted in charges against you, your lawyer can take steps to try to suppress this evidence.

Expert Witness
Sometimes, it may be necessary to hire a computer expert or other expert to testify about how a computer image or other pornographic image could have come in your possession, such as through a virus or by a third party who had access to your computer during a time when you were not there.
Contact Scott Saul for more information on what he will look for to defend you against these serious charges.