Criminal Defense Attorney in Miami Dade on How to Avoid Jail for Sales Tax Fraud

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3rd Jan 2017

Every day people are arrested for tax fraud.  A criminal defense attorney in Miami Dade represents such individuals.  However, the best way to get ahead of tax fraud charges is to deal with the problem well before any arrest occurs.  Some suggestions that a criminal defense attorney in Miami Dade may make include:

Pay Off as Much Debt as Possible

While this tactic may not completely prevent problems from arising, the government is more likely to pursue those who owe larger tax debts.  The most recent return may be paid off first and then past years may be paid.  This option also shows that you will continue to pay so that the state has less incentive to lock you up.  It may be necessary to borrow from others in order to pay off this debt, but this is a far better outcome than having a potential criminal charge hanging over your head.

Enter into a Payment Agreement

An attorney may be able to help a business owner enter into a tax repayment plan rather than being prosecuted.  This requires careful negotiations by a trained professional.  An attorney will be conscious of whether he or she is dealing with an agent or an investigator that is looking into the potential to prosecute for a crime and will make decisions accordingly.  Some payment plans help avoid prosecution, such as the Pre-Trial Intervention or the Deferment Program.  Explore these possible options with your attorney.

Consider Voluntary Disclosure

Entry into the Voluntary Disclosure program may be a possible option if a business owner has not been put under investigation.  The program is designed to provide protections to people who willingly come forward to disclose tax debt without having any criminal intent behind their actions.  This can help limit the amount of penalties you pay and possibly restrict the look back period.