Criminal Defense Attorney in Miami Dade Explains Consequences of Drug Convictions

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12th Apr 2016

A criminal defense attorney in Miami Dade is familiar with the various consequences of a drug conviction in the area. He or she will explain the possible punishments to clients. A criminal defense attorney in Miami Dade will fight to protect his or her clients’ rights and avoid the severe punishments that often follow drug convictions in Miami Dade.

Due to the perceived connection between drugs and criminal activity, Florida imposes harsher penalties for drug crimes when higher quantities of drugs are involved. The potential punishment for a conviction of a drug offense depends on other factors other than the quantity of the drug, including the type of drug and the nature of the charge. For example, possession of some prescription medicine carries with it a mandatory sentence of three years in prison if the amount is four grams. In contrast, possession of four grams of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor. Many individuals convicted of this charge are sentenced to probation and a fine.

Florida’s mandatory minimum sentences include heightened penalties when the amount of the drug goes over a specific threshold. This can occur whether the person is being accused of possession or the more serious offense of trafficking. In some situations, being in possession of drugs can result in a minimum mandatory of 25 years.

A criminal defense attorney will take all possible steps to avoid these harsh minimum mandatory sentences. This may be accomplished through a successful challenge of the evidence or negotiations with prosecutors. In some cases, the defendant may be able to participate in drug court or another alternative sentencing program. The objective of these programs is to help a defendant rehabilitate from a drug problem rather than merely punish him or her.