Criminal Defense Attorney in Miami Dade: Medicare and Insurance Fraud

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16th May 2017

A criminal defense attorney in Miami Dade can explain that a criminal defendant may not always match up with the typical stereotypes of what individuals might expect.   A criminal defendant involved in Medicare or insurance fraud may be a doctor, medical supply seller or pharmacist.   A criminal defense attorney in Miami Dade can examine the events that led up to charges of this nature and can provide a defensive legal strategy based on the circumstances surrounding the case.    

Types of Medicare Fraud Offenses

Medical professionals commonly bill Medicare andMedicaid or other insurance to pay for services that were rendered to patients.   However, some healthcare providers take advantage of these programs and attempt to get more money from them than they are actually owed.   Some common types of Medicare fraud offenses include:

  • Billing for the same treatment multiple times
  • Filing for false Medicare claims
  • Billing for procedures not actually performed
  • Durable products fraud
  • Overbilling
  • Billing for patients who do not exist
  • Filing excess claims
  • Unauthorized billing

 Legal Assistance

Individuals who are charged with Medicare fraud may be exposed to criminal and civil penalties.   Individuals may receive a notice of audit if they are suspected of wrongdoing.   It is critical that they immediately seek the assistance of an experienced lawyer after receiving this notice.   An attorney may be able to get ahead of any criminal charges and may be able to negotiate a faster resolution by repaying moneys received from claims or legitimizing the claims to investigators.   An attorney can also challenge an audit and ensure that the defendant’s rights are protected while this process is pending.   He or she can negotiate with prosecutors if any charges or filed or provide representation during a trial.