Complexities of Cyber Crime

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25th Mar 2015

“Cyber-crime” is an area of criminal law that is always evolving.  Since communications are dominated by the use of computers, smart phones, tablets and other electronic and digital devices, these technologies can also be portals for criminal investigations.  Almost anything done on a computer is traceable.

Cyber-crimes may involve;

– downloading illegal pornography;

– bullying somebody through social media;

– illegally dissemination of photographs or information or

– allegations of stalking behavior

There may be an array of defenses involved with these allegations such as;

– Whether the source of the criminality is truly the person accused;

– Whether the person accused actually had a specific, criminal intent and

– Whether a person’s identity was hijacked…to make it look like they used their computer or     device…but somebody else did…

These defenses may involve complexities that only an experienced and qualified cyber-crime defense lawyer in Ft.  Lauderdale would be qualified to handle