Disorderly Conduct Offenses – Part 2

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28th Feb 2024

Public Intoxication

Public intoxication (also referred to as disorderly intoxication) fall into the category of disorderly conduct. Even if the act has taken place in an area reserved for alcohol use, a person can still face criminal charges for disrupting the peace of the public. For example, you are fully permitted to purchase alcohol at sporting events, but, if you become intoxicated and disrupt the public safety and well-being of others in the audience at such an event, you can still be arrested and charged.

Verbal Abuse and Battery of a Law Enforcement Official

Disorderly conduct may also include resisting any form of arrest at the hands of a police officer and any additional acts that may ensue. Based on FS Chapter XLVI, §784.07 (b), any individual who verbally or physically assaults a member of law enforcement will be charged with misdemeanor of the first degree.

Based on the information in the statutes, here is a closer look at what officers fall under the category of law enforcement officials:

• “Emergency medical care provider” refers to an individual who drives an ambulance or provides medical care (e.g. a nurse or EMT). Under various circumstances, this definition may also include doctors, hospital employees, agents, or volunteers at hospitals.
• “Firefighters” refer to any person who is responsible for extinguishing fires and rescuing people from these emergency situations.
• “Law enforcement officer” can refer to officers working in law enforcement, corrections, correctional probation, and auxiliary corrections.
• “Public transit employees” refers to people who are authorized to operate buses or trains, collectors of revenue, members of security, and people who are trained to maintain equipment. This category may also include transit agents.

If you have been given a disorderly conduct offense in Miami, then you may want to call an experienced criminal defense attorney for legal advice.