DUI Penalties in the State of Florida

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17th Jun 2019

Why should you know the penalties for DUI? So that you know the critical importance of why you must fight your DUI.

If you don’t fight your DUI, if found guilty, at a minimum you will:

  • • Lose your driver license,
  • • Serve a term of probation,
  • • Pay substantial fines and fees,
  • • Pay increased insurance premiums, and
  • • Be adjudicated guilty, which means a permanent criminal record

DUI Penalty Charts

Below are DUI penalty charts for the most common DUI offenses.

  • • First Time DUI
  • • Second DUI Within Five Years of First DUI Conviction
  • • Second DUI Outside of Five Years of First DUI Conviction
  • • Third DUI Within Ten Years of First DUI Conviction
  • • Fourth DUI Charged as a Misdemeanor
  • • Fourth DUI Charged as a Felony

DUI penalties increase based on the frequency of DUI convictions and the severity of your current DUI offense. In addition to the criminal penalties for DUI, you are also subject to administrative penalties by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, and to financial and personal collateral consequences. The following information may not contain all possible penalties for DUI offenses. Given the frequent legislative changes concerning DUI law, visitors are urged not to rely solely on these charts.

The most current DUI penalties can be found in Section 316.193, Florida Statutes.

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