The Importance of assembling evidence in Fighting Health Care Fraud Allegations

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26th Jun 2015

If a person has been accused of health care fraud in Miami Dade or Broward County, it is essential to try to assemble evidence in order to support your theory of defense.  Sometime these cases are instigated as a result of a cooperating witness/informant, who has motives to be untruthful, so allegations can be built upon fabricated/false allegations.

Assembling business records, in a short period of time, to be utilized to rebut criminal allegations is a complicated process that necessitates an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney.  Putting together such complex evidence may require the use of an array of experts such as a forensic accountants, business consultants or private investigators.

Remember, if the investigation process is initiated and supervised by a criminal defense attorney, where the lawyer hires the experts, then every person involved in focusing on your defense is eligible to have their communications shielded by the attorney client privilege.  The entire process is confidential.

There is a lot of strategy involved in accumulating evidence, investigating allegations and challenging a case which only an experience, knowledgeable and skilled criminal defense attorney can offer.  Criminal defense attorney Scott Saul has handled many of these types of cases and can use his expertise and vast experience to help on these problems that require fast, intellectual solutions.