Information about “White Collar Crimes” in Broward County

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19th Sep 2014

The “white collar crimes” that Broward County, the State of Florida, and the federal government investigate can be ambiguous or confusing.  Economic crimes can be difficult to define unless you are very familiar with the finer points of the law, and it isn’t uncommon for people to find themselves caught up in an investigation where they may have not necessarily realized that they were purposefully breaking the law– until the moment of a law enforcement encounter.

Investigations into the sort of white collar crimes that Broward County and other governmental entities are concerned with can last for years, and conducted in a stealthy manner.  As a result, many people aren’t aware that they are being investigated until it’s too late.  Learning about such an investigation should trigger the immediate contacting of a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney.

Your attorney needs as much information as possible so you should reflect back over the course of the investigation and consider any behavior or decisions you made during that time that may be relevant.  It is important to consider every aspect of both your personal and professional behavior until you know the scope of the investigation.  Your attorney should be advised immediately of any possibly pertinent detail, no matter how unlikely you might consider its importance to be.  Your attorney will have a much better idea of what is pertinent to the case and should be making decisions about what’s important and what isn’t.  Remember, what is disclosed to the attorney is completely confidential.