Is It Worth It to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

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11th Sep 2021

At a time when you feel like the entire world is against you – when you’re scared, angry, or frustrated – having an experienced lawyer on your side can make the difference between another day in jail and getting back to your life.

But how do you know if hiring a criminal defense lawyer is worth it?

Representing yourself is a disadvantage

When the stakes are high, you want a lawyer with proven experience and a reputation for winning.

It’s common sense to have a professional perform the job if it’s important and worth the money.

If you’ve been injured, have questions about tax law, need a new roof, or want to remodel your home, you need to consult an expert.

You pay for a lawyer to defend you and portray you in a way that is most beneficial to the prosecutor. To ensure you’re getting the best defense possible, it’s best to hire an attorney who will always be fighting for your well-being.

The prosecution may offer a compromise in which you receive probation. If you decide to go to trial, the prosecutor will likely win the most severe sentence possible. Remember there are limitations concerning what evidence and can be introduced and when. You probably won’t have any idea how bad things really are until the verdict is announced. If you represent yourself, you will likely find yourself in prison.

Hiring an attorney usually costs a lot of money but not hiring an attorney will cost more if you get convicted.

What does a conviction will cost you? 

You might:

  • You could be sentenced to prison for years. Fines can be huge.
  • Should you lose your job, there could be serious consequences for you and your family.
  • Your reputation is the most important thing you have. It’s what defines you and tells others what to expect from you. Protect your reputation by hiring an attorney
  • You might lose a loved one through divorce or break up
  • You could lose custody of your child to the other parent.

Not only that, but with a criminal record you will have big disadvantages for the rest of your life.

  • You will not be able to get a professional license
  • Your criminal records will be shown to employers when you are applying for a job
  • Landlords will reject you when you are looking for a place to rent


A criminal defense attorney is the person you hire to defend you against criminal charges. The two main areas of defense in most criminal cases are the guilt or innocence of the defendant and the appropriateness of the charge. In either case, hiring a criminal defense attorney can be money well spent if you wish to avoid jail time and unnecessary penalties.