How Can A White Collar Crime Allegation Affect a Professional?

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23rd Feb 2015

It is common that with the targets of a white collar crime investigations, those individuals who have no prior criminal history.  These people have professional licenses like financial traders, realtors, law enforcement personnel, executives, accountants, lawyers, CEOs, doctors or public servants and find themselves in need of immediate representation by a highly qualified South Florida, Miami- Dade criminal defense attorney.  Without taking the proper precautions on safeguarding their rights, these professionals not only face a criminal liability but also the damaged reputation that comes with a white collar crime allegation upon their professional status. While there are the obvious penalties for white collar crimes, there are also additional repercussions for professionals.  Collateral impact may involve;

– A suspension or revocation of a professional license;
– A stigmatization or devaluation to a business;
– Civil lawsuits emanating out of the investigation;
– A reduction in stockholder confidence or
– A suspension/termination of a security clearance

Immediately upon learning of any criminal investigation, a white collar professional must consult with a highly qualified, criminal defense attorney in order to not only provide effective legal representation but also to assist in preserving the esteemed status of their professional reputation.