How Important is Evidence in a Healthcare Fraud Case?

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13th Apr 2015

If you are facing healthcare fraud prosecution, building a strong, strategic defense is critical and just as a qualified Miami healthcare fraud attorney is vital to a healthy defense, evidence is also an important piece of your defense.

Evidence builds a foundation for your narrative as a defendant

As you provide testimony to your side of the case, you are building a storyline about yourself and your practice that will help jurors and the court draw their conclusions about you as a person and about your case.  Solid evidence gathered by you and your attorney that corroborates your story in a positive light helps build your credibility and the likelihood that you will be seen in a positive light throughout the proceedings.

Evidence safeguards your case from “cheap shots”

There are protocols and rules the government and law enforcement are expected to follow when handling evidence they plan to use in a healthcare fraud case.  These rules safeguard both sides from any “accidental” loss of critical evidence and while they are mostly adhered to, accidents do happen.  And if evidence that pertains to your case is mishandled or lost at the hands of the prosecution, it could be damaging.

Having a qualified, experienced healthcare fraud attorney on your side as you build and collect your own evidence to back your case helps safeguard your future against accidents and deliberate mishandlings that could hamstring your defense.

Evidence strengthens your case

It is more than the obvious, though.  As you work with your team to secure critical evidence for your case, it is highly likely that more answers and strategies will arise from what you and your attorneys collect, often leading to additional or new legal strategies to help you in your proceedings.