Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Broward County for Your Juvenile Case

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13th Oct 2015

Florida’s criminal justice system attempts to balance the interests of the public in providing for their health and safety and that of youth offenders who do not want to have the rest of their future pre-determined because of one mistake.  Not every criminal defense attorney in Broward County has the experience and knowledge of this unique dynamic.  When you or your child is facing a charge of a juvenile offense, look for a criminal defense attorney in Broward County who has experience with youth offenders.

Being convicted of a crime at an early age can forever change a young person’s life.  In some instances, a juvenile may be charged as an adult in Florida and face the same type of punishment as an adult.  Having high quality legal representation is necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for the young person accused of an offense.

A juvenile defense lawyer will first look to ways to have a case against a juvenile offender completely dismissed.  The police may not have followed proper protocol or may have violated the child’s constitutional rights.  The theory of the arrest may be mistaken leaving the accused completely innocent.  A youth offender may be eligible for a first-time offender program that will ultimately result in dismissing the charges against him or her if the youth offender follows certain rules and procedures and the offense is also eligible for the program.

While no one wants a criminal record to follow them around, this is especially true in the case of a juvenile offender.  A juvenile defense lawyer can help preserve the juvenile’s ability to later seal or expunge his or her record.  This can help ensure that a mistake made in his or her youth does not prevent the juvenile from pursuing a positive future or acquiring gainful employment later in life.