Obstruction of Justice: Tampering

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30th Jun 2023


Another type of obstruction of justice is known as tampering, which occurs when an individual interferes or meddles with an investigation of a criminal matter in order to alter the course of the proceedings.

There are two forms of tampering:

 1. Jury tampering

This occurs when an individual, with the intent to obstruct, influences the judgement or decision of a jury on any cause, question, matter, or proceeding. When a person is convicted of this crime, they face a felony of the third degree.

 1. Witness tampering

Witness tampering can involve several actions. For instance, an individual can be found guilty of witness tampering if he or she uses physical force, intimidation, or threats or attempts to threaten another individual with the intention of causing the person to withhold his or her testimony, document, a record, or other objects from an official proceeding or investigation. Witness tampering also occurs when a person influences another person to destroy, alter or hide something with the intent of preventing the item from being used in an official proceeding or investigation, or when a person influences another person to not testify in a criminal matter.

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