“Sex Offense” Allegations: qualifications of the attorney are essential

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15th Dec 2014

An allegation of a sex offense in Miami is among the most serious and stigmatizing of all the criminal allegations. Crimes such as “sexual battery” and “lewd & lascivious conduct” can have a harrowing impact on a person’s life. Punishment can be up to life and, in addition to the punishment aspect, the labeling of somebody as a “sex offender” carries so many rigid residential limitations and reporting requirements that it makes living a normal life virtually impossible.

It’s a big mistake to assume that any criminal defense lawyer will know what to do with these ultra serious allegations. Hiring just any criminal defense attorney in Miami can result in irreversible errors that may affect a client’s life forever. It can be, absolutely, playing with fire.

When handling a sex offense, It is essential;

– For the lawyer to have an extensive jury trial experience with these type of cases;
– For a lawyer to have a successful working relationship with the assigned prosecuting office;
– For the lawyer to be thoroughly recognized by the judge that will be presiding over the case and
– For the lawyer to know all the nuances of litigating the complex and emotional issues that will be forthcoming with such charges.

It is not uncommon for the prosecution to arbitrarily establish strict rules on how the “accuser” is to be addressed. Minor accusers are assigned a guardian ad litem, a person specially appointed to only represent their interests. It is not unusual for a prosecutor to forbid a deposition to be taken on an accuser or ask for strict time requirements when handling the case. Prosecutors may make [perceived] threats in order to try to control how the cases will be handled.

Many of these allegations involve a historical component where there will be no offered physical evidence… the case is primarily based upon the word of the accuser.

How do you know when to comply with these rigid requests or defy the prosecution’s authority? An accused’s life is literally in the hands of their attorney with that attorney making critical decisions on behalf of their client.

Sex offense allegations are so serious that they are life altering and your reaction to them should be serious as well.

This is why it’ is so essential to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney in Miami who understands your rights, knows how to fight these cases and is committed to protecting their clients. Naturally, an experienced criminal defense attorney should be retained immediately upon notice of any pending investigation or prosecution for any sex offense. A person should never speak to anybody about the case before first consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or South Florida.