What a South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Can Do For You

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29th Jul 2015

Once you have been arrested and charged with a crime in South Florida, especially if you have been accused of a felony offense, you will need an experienced and competent South Florida criminal defense attorney to aggressively fight in your defense. Even individuals arrested and charged with lesser offenses that qualify as misdemeanors could benefit from the assistance of a knowledgeable South Florida criminal defense attorney who can advise them of their rights and help them attain the best possible outcome in their criminal case.

A criminal defense attorney’s main priority is to protect your constitutional rights from the time that you were arrested all the way through to the trial phase. Your criminal defense attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of your case in order to look for any hidden evidence, helpful witnesses, or other mitigating factors that could be of assistance to you. By carefully examining all of the surrounding circumstances and the weight of the evidence against you, your attorney will apply the current statutory law, along with prior legal precedent, to the facts of your specific situation in order to create the concrete legal strategy necessary to build the best case for your defense.

During the pre-trial phase of a criminal proceeding, your defense attorney will apply expert investigative, discovery, and legal motion techniques for the purpose of thoroughly preparing your case for trial. During trial, you attorney will use all questioning and cross-examination procedures available to ensure the fairness of the legal proceedings. A criminal defense attorney may also present any evidence that might raise a reasonable doubt about your guilt, and may possibly present an alternate theory of the crime. Finally, in the event that you receive a less than hoped for result at trial, your criminal defense attorney may be able to find grounds to file an appeal on your behalf.