South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Defends Those Accused of Mortgage Fraud

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5th Apr 2016

A South Florida criminal defense attorney can explain that Florida has the second highest number of mortgage fraud occurrences. As such, these cases are zealously pursued by state and federal prosecutors. Further, Miami-Dade County has one of the highest numbers of cases when compared to other counties throughout the state and country. A South Florida criminal defense attorney is necessary to provide individuals with aggressive representation. This representation can often mean the difference between whether a person will be convicted and what his or her punishment will be.

Mortgage fraud occurs when a person makes a material misrepresentation in order to qualify for a loan that is more valuable than one that he or she should qualify for with truthful information. However, this crime if often charged in conjunction with other serious crimes, such as bank fraud or money laundering. In some instances, mail fraud, wire fraud or other white collar crimes may be alleged.
In some instances, mortgage fraud may be charged as a federal offense with a potential penalty of 30 years in prison.

A criminal defense attorney can help assist clients before or after a federal indictment is issued. He or she can explain the defendant’s rights and help protect these rights through zealous legal representation. This includes describing actions that federal prosecutors can and cannot take during the commencement of a federal case. If there are violations during the investigative process, a criminal defense lawyer can fight to protect the defendant’s rights through challenges with the evidence. If certain evidence is suppressed, it may be possible to get the case dismissed or to enter into a plea bargain agreement with a prosecutor that provides mitigated risk and punishment to the defendant.