South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Serious Drug Charges

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2nd Apr 2017

A South Florida criminal defense attorney will discuss the various types of drug charges that are commonly filed in the state. Each different type of drug crime carries with it a different set of possible penalties. Some of the most common types of drug offenses that a South Florida criminal defense attorney defends include:


Drug possession charges usually carry the lightest sentence. Drug possession charges can result even if the possession was temporary or if the person was not in control of the drugs.


Criminal charges for paraphernalia can result when a person has certain items in his or her possession that are used to test, store, contain, alter, grow, produce or hide a controlled substance.


A more serious drug offense is actually or constructively transferring controlled substances whether or not there is an agreement related to the purchase of the substances.


Cultivation drug charges may arise when a defendant prepares soil for the planting for a controlled substance.


Manufacturing charges can result when a person produces, prepares, compounds or grows a controlled substance.


A charge for trafficking may result if a person sells, manufactures, delivers, buys or transports a certain amount of drugs. Trafficking cannabis charges can result when the defendant is in possession of more than 25 pounds of cannabis or 300 or more plants. First degree trafficking cocaine charges can result when a person is in possession of 28 or more grams of cocaine or a mixture that includes cocaine that includes less than 150 kilograms of cocaine.


If a person agrees to be involved in or conspires with another person to commit any of the offenses listed above, he or she may be charged with conspiracy to commit the crime.

A criminal defense lawyer can review the charges and discuss possible defenses and options to challenge them.