South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Provides a Solid Defense for All Environmental Law Violations

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6th Feb 2018

In recent history, environmental crimes have been charged as fervently as white collar crimes.  Today, strict environmental laws have been established that punish individuals who break these violations.  A South Florida criminal defense attorney can provide informed advocacy for individuals facing serious consequences after being charged with environmental crimes.  Our South Florida criminal defense attorney understands environmental law and can explore your legal options with you.

Florida Environmental Crimes

Florida’s abundance of natural resources makes it a place worth protecting.  Additionally, the state has experienced significant economic and commercial development over the last several years.  Environmental laws have been passed to help protect the environment and ensure that individuals and businesses comply with the regulations.  Environmental laws seek to punish individuals who harm people, animals and the environment.

Common environmental crimes for which people are prosecuted include:

  • Illegal dumping of harmful chemicals or toxic waste
  • Developing in illegal wetland protected areas
  • Illegal runoff of pollution into natural water sources
  • Fish and game violations
  • Clean Water Act violations
  • Clean Air Act violations
  • Improper storage of hazardous chemicals

Development of a Solid Defense

Our environmental crimes lawyer can carefully review the nature of the charges against you in order to determine the plausible defenses that are available to you.  Many environmental laws require a certain mental state in order for the prosecutor to charge you, such as intentionally or knowingly committing an act.  If you unwittingly released prohibited materials or unknowingly committed another environmental violation, we may be able to base your defense on these factors.

We can protect your rights if you are charged with environmental crimes.  It is important that you do not speak to a law enforcement officer or government agent alone.  Insist on speaking to a lawyer to protect your rights.