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30th Oct 2018

  1. Good lawyers aren’t cheap, and cheap lawyers aren’t good.

The fee you pay for your criminal defense will depend on the kind of lawyer you want.  If you feel that you will probably just want to get it over with, then don’t pay for a fighting lawyer. South Florida criminal defense attorney Scott B. Saul is nationally-known as being experienced and successful in criminal defense. You are hiring a highly specialized expert that will be extremely dedicated and aggressive in pursuing a defense.

  1. With some lawyers, a small initial fee can mount over the course of the case.

Usually my fees are straight fees meaning no matter how much work or how long the case takes, the fee paid is the total fee which is final.

Many lawyers may charge a smaller “retainer,” but then will ask you to pay additional fees if the case requires a large number of court appearances or depositions. That is not how I operate.

  1. Decide if your case is important enough to demand an expert lawyer.

If you shop around, you will find a wide range of fees, and a wide range of background and experience among lawyers practicing criminal law. You will certainly find attorneys who charge lower fees than ours or higher. If cost is the only issue, then we encourage you to see if one of those other lawyers can fill your needs. Hiring a lawyer is not like buying a gallon of gasoline.

We believe that trust is essential to the attorney-client relationship. That trust must be based upon your interaction with the lawyer you select. With so much on the line, there must be a good fit of personalities between you and your lawyer for the relationship to work.

Sadly, not everyone can afford high quality legal representation.