Why You Need a South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney to Defeat Your Healthcare Fraud Charges

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20th Feb 2020

Healthcare fraud is a serious offense, carrying stiff penalties such as harsh prison terms and substantial fines. If you are being investigated for healthcare fraud, you may be at risk of the severe consequences of these serious offenses. You will need the help of a qualified South Florida criminal defense attorney who can help you mount a vigorous defense.

Our expert South Florida criminal defense attorneys are experienced and highly qualified. With more than 30 years defending clients accused of offenses of this nature, we have the specialist knowledge and resources to successfully defend you.

Laws relating to healthcare fraud penalize a range of acts that amount to deliberately receiving or enabling the receipt of unauthorized benefits. While the acts involved here include billing for medically unnecessary services, offering or accepting illegal “kickbacks” and billing for services not actually rendered, the underlining factor of the offense is intended.

A skilled healthcare fraud attorney can review the circumstances of your case and build a legal strategy that is tailored to your case. This will include an assessment of the technical and factual defenses that can be raised in your favor, such as whether you were ultimately responsible for the prohibited acts or if there was intent on your part.

Charges related to healthcare fraud also often include criminal, as well as civil liabilities. Persons prosecuted under laws such as the False Claims Act, Anti-Kickback Statute and the Stark Law face the possible loss of their property or even their practice. Federal authorities routinely use these legislations to conduct high-stakes investigations that target healthcare providers and physicians. If you are being investigated under any of these laws, do not waste any time waiting to see the outcome or if you will get off on some technicality. Contact us immediately to put your defense into motion.