Common Defenses to the Charge of Burglary

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16th Mar 2015

In the State of Florida, “burglary” essentially means to violate a person or entity’s personal space with the further intent to commit a crime.  To break into a house…limited to taking a nap may only be a misdemeanor trespass whereas breaking into a house…  to steal items is a much more serious burglary.

Some burglary allegations can be quite serious with exposures of up to life (i.e.  “armed burglary” or “burglary with an assault or battery”).  A person accused of a burglary offense should take it quite seriously and consider if they have an applicable and meritorious defense.

When considering a burglary charge defense in Miami or South Floridasome factors to research would be;

– Was there an actual breaking and entering into the structure or conveyance?

– Did the person accused have the specific intent to commit an additional offense once they entered into the area?

– Did the person have permission to enter into the area?

–  What is the ability to make an identification of the perpetrator?

It is essential to retain a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney to help develop any appropriate burglary charge defenses in Miami or South Florida in order to position an accused with the best defense possible.