Disorderly Conduct Offenses – Part 1

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15th Feb 2024

Disorderly Conduct Offenses in Florida

Disorderly conduct is an offense that involves a person acting in such a manner as to constitute a “breach of the peace.” At times it may be difficult to distinguish which acts may simply be exercising your freedom of speech and which acts may constitute disorderly conduct. Overall, this particular activity is designated as an open playing field, meaning a charge does not necessarily have to be supported by a substantial collection of evidence to be brought to court.

Some examples of acts that may be classified as disorderly conduct:

• Acts of nature so as to corrupt public morals
• Acts that outrage the sense of public decency
• Acts that affect the peace and quiet of those who witness them
• Brawling or fighting
• Public intoxication
• Even simply asking a police officer a question or speaking your mind may turn into a circumstance where you are facing criminal charges

If you have been given a disorderly conduct offense in Miami, then you may want to call an experienced criminal defense attorney for legal advice.