Federal Offenses: Trafficking – Part 2

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30th Jan 2024

Different Types of Trafficking

Depending on what you are accused of trafficking, you could be facing any number of extreme penalties. We can handle some of the following federal trafficking crimes:

• Drug/controlled substance trafficking: Transporting controlled substances across state lines or into the country.
• Sex trafficking/sexual slavery: Exploiting human beings by selling them to customers for the purpose of performing sexual services.
• Human trafficking: Exploiting people by selling them for the purpose of forced labor or commercial exploitation.
• Straw purchasing of firearms: Purchasing a gun of a firearm for the purpose of transferring it to a person who cannot legally buy it themselves.

What Constitutes Drug Trafficking In Florida?

When people think of drug trafficking, they often picture large drug cartels moving massive amounts of drugs into the country. However, anyone who sells or delivers a controlled substance in Florida can face drug trafficking charges under state law. Drug trafficking includes any of the following activities with a controlled substance over a certain amount:

• Selling
• Purchasing
• Manufacturing
• Possessing with the intent to sell
• Importing

If you have been accused of trafficking in Miami, then you may want to call an experienced criminal defense attorney for legal advice.