Obscenity Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney in Broward County

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19th Jul 2015

Have you been charged with the violation of a Florida obscenity law? If so, you will need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Broward County Florida to represent you against obscenity crimes such as “pornography” allegations. Facing a criminal conviction can be a nightmare. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Broward County can advise you about the charges and the strength of the case against you in order to formulate the best approach possible to protect your liberty.

Codified in Chapter 847 of the Florida statutes, Florida obscenity laws cover offenses related to pornography and/or improper relations with minors not involving touching. Several prohibited acts that are covered by the law include;

– selling pornography to minors;
– showing pornography to minors;
– transmitting porn to a minor;
– showing a pornographic video of yourself to a minor;
– traveling to meet a minor for sexual purposes;
– trying to meet a minor for sexual purposes in a chat room as well as
– possessing child pornography.

An important piece of information to note is that ignorance of a minor’s age is not permitted as a defense to a violation of any of these obscenity laws. Even if a minor misrepresents his or her age or consents to the activity, it does not matter under Florida law. So, if for any reason you truly believed that the person was over 18 and it turns out they are not, you can still be prosecuted.

While some obscenity crimes are prosecuted more aggressively than others, all could result in a possible jail or prison time if there is a conviction. Other possible penalties which may be imposed if convicted of one of the crimes in the obscenity statute include fines ranging from $1000 to $10,000 per count, probation, community control, and/or criminal registration. Consequently, it is highly recommended that anyone charged with a Florida obscenity crime seek competent legal representation.