Complex Criminal Investigations in Miami- Dade County

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19th Sep 2014

If you find yourself the subject of one of the thousands of criminal investigations that occur in Miami- Dade County, your initial impulse may be to turn to friends and family for support and advice.  This is natural, but you must be careful:  Only a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney can properly offer any type of advice.

Your first step when involved in any type of criminal investigation in Miami- Dade County is to retain a qualified and experienced criminal attorney who has the unique ability to help and advise you on every aspect of your case.  Your attorney is your advocate, with all communications being completely confidential.  That confidentiality doesn’t apply when communicating with family, friends and associates.  What you say can always be used against you.

Many people not used to interacting with law enforcement may have anxiety and shame and have an impulse to simply cooperate with law enforcement as though that will improve their situation.  Law enforcement’s objective is to build a case and make an arrest, not console, socooperating without first consulting an attorney may be a tragic error and worsen the situation.

The golden rule is to always, always consult an attorney before making any decision in a criminal case.