The ever expanding definition of Cyber Crime in Florida?

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25th May 2015

With the ever continuing advancement of technology and the evolution of storage methods, it is important to recognize that what may constitute a cyber-crime will continue to expand.  If an allegation of cyber-crime should arise, it is critical to consult with a cyber-crime defense lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale.

A cyber-crime constitutes a crime that is facilitated through the use of computer or other communication devices such as mobile phones and tablets as well as any communication infrastructure that is under the legislation of the State of Florida.

Cyber-crimes may be commonly associated with;

–  the distribution of pornography;

–  bank/wire fraud;

–  piracy;

–  solicitation and

–  even terrorism.

The manner in which criminal charges are implemented may be very complicated making an experienced criminal defense necessary to just fully understand the nature of an investigation or prosecution and place a client on proper notice.

With the ever growing use of the internet, law enforcement authorities monitor the web more than ever.  Knowing the law and exactly what constitutes a cyber-crime can greatly assist an accused in dealing with such a life-changing event.