Different Types of White Collar Crimes Explained by a Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

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20th Feb 2020

White-collar crimes can be very problematic. Apart from the severe criminal consequences usually associated with these offenses, they can directly interfere with your career and ability to earn a living. If you are being investigated or charged with a white-collar crime, you have a lot at stake. Speak to an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale who will review the charges against you and explain their legal elements to you. There are several types of white-collar crimes, each with their own specific definitions and defenses. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale can explain the critical distinctions between these offenses to you.

Securities fraud
Securities fraud includes a variety of practices such as insider trading or inducing investors to buy or sell securities based on false information through deceit or boiler room tactics. Insider trading usually involves abusing a privileged position to trade shares in the stock market based on information about a company that is not publicly known. Insider trading is usually vigorously prosecuted by law enforcement and agencies such as the SEC.

Bank fraud
Acts that amount to bank fraud usually describe practices through which an individual uses illegal means to obtain money or other property held by a bank. It includes the use of stolen checks, forgery of checks, fraudulently applying for loans, identity theft, counterfeiting, and ATM fraud.

Mail and wire fraud
Mail and wire fraud are potentially serious offenses. Wire fraud occurs when a person obtains money or other property from others based on untrue promises. The crime is usually executed with the aid of some form of electronic communication such as email or text. When the fraud includes the use of the US mail system, mail fraud also occurs.

The penalties for these offenses often include jail terms, fines, forfeiture of money or other assets, or restitution of funds to the victim. Contact an experienced white collar crime attorney who can explain your rights and options if you are charged with these offenses.