Do I need an Attorney if I get arrested for a DUI?

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22nd Jun 2015

There are DUI/DWI attorneys that specialize in serious traffic offense cases such as drunk driving.  There may be several reasons you want to hire an attorney.  First, you may want to hire an attorney if you feel you were wrongfully charged, or if the charges go beyond a DUI as a result of any accident or reckless endangerment.

Besides consultation on your options, another reason you may want to hire a lawyer is because you have only 10 days from the date of arrest to apply for a hardship license and work permit.  This is important if you can avoid adversely affecting your job/income as a result of having a suspended license and also having to take time away from work.  At this court hearing you can contest the license suspension.

However, if you do not request a court hearing within 10 days from the date you were arrested; your license can be suspended for 6-18 months.

It is important to remember that in the State of Florida, a conviction of a DUI will remain on your record for 75 years.  The National Highway and Safety Administration’s annual Traffic Safety Fact stated that 1 out of every 135 people will be arrested for driving under the influence each year.  Regardless of hiring an attorney; the end result is to not drink and drive.

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