Help! I’ve Been Accused of Insurance Fraud: What Now?

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10th Mar 2015

Most people suspected of insurance fraud are placed on notice as to an ongoing investigation well before law enforcement considers whether to make an arrest.  As soon as a person is told or even senses that they are the subject of an impropriety emanating out of an insurance claim, they must seek a qualified, criminal defense attorney to properly advise them on how to handle such a situation.

Many insurance fraud situations arise out of civil investigations where lawyers, representing insurance companies, desire to take sworn statements or depositions from the target of the “fraud” investigation.  A challenge as to the credibility of an insurance claim may be a tip off that an insurance fraud investigation has been initiated.  It is essential to have legal advice from a qualified criminal defense attorney before participating in such a situation.

Common allegations for insurance fraud may involve making false claims, exaggerated damages or not disclosing vital information.  If you develop any inkling that you are being subjected to an insurance fraud investigation, it is imperative to set up an insurance fraud defense in Broward County by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney.