Do Minor Criminal Offenses Require a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

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24th Jun 2015

There is no such thing as a “minor criminal offense”!

A common mistake for a person to make, in the Miami-Dade County, Broward County or South Florida area is assuming that a criminal offense can be minor making it not necessary to seek representation.  While some cases do not seriously expose the accused to serious penalties, a criminal case can, nonetheless, impact a person beyond what is in the criminal Justice system.  Criminal cases, even minor ones, may impact;

–  a person’s driving privileges;

–  expose a professional license to suspension;

–  prelude membership or eligibility for a multitude of jobs;

–  impact immigration stratus;

–  adversely affect a reputation or

–  affect eligibility in living in certain areas

Minor offenses can definitely result in unexpected, unforeseen collateral damages.

Consequently, an important reason to hire a Miami-Dade/Broward criminal defense lawyer is so that you are clear from the outset about the potential repercussions of being accused.   Being informed about your rights will provide you with a clear perspective about your options when addressing your case.   Don’t ever make the mistake of assuming that a minor offense is small enough to represent yourself.

Criminal Defense Attorney Scott Saul will be able to offer expert professional advice about not only what goes on in the criminal justice system but also explore any collateral consequences (and try to avoid)  that the case may affect.

Having an expert attorney at your side from the onset can help you avoid missteps and present a strong defense.   Only an experienced attorney should help you craft a compelling defense.

Schedule a consultation with a Miami-Dade/Broward criminal defense lawyer so that you can make an informed decision that protects your rights now and well into the future.   Don’t let this common mistake hurt you; reach out for help as soon as you have been charged.