South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney: Healthcare Fraud

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10th Jan 2017

Given the changing political climate, healthcare is a hot topic.  One concern is about the continuing inflated costs of health care.  When people commit healthcare fraud, a South Florida criminal defense attorney can explain that this has the ripple effect that negatively impacts the cost of insurance as well as the state and federal government.  If you are facing healthcare fraud charges, a South Florida criminal defense attorney can defend you against an aggressive prosecution.

There are a number of situations that can result in a healthcare fraud charge.  For example, a medical provider may face such charges if it billed for services that were not rendered, submitting claims for non-existent patients, duplicated charges, prescribed or billed for unnecessary medical equipment or prescribed unnecessary treatment.  Such charges can also be the result of accepting kickbacks or making fraudulent reports on costs.

Healthcare fraud is a very serious charge.  Depending on the circumstances, a person may face up to 20 year in jail.  Healthcare fraud may also include other serious criminal charges such as Medicare or Medicaid fraud that can add additional years onto a criminal sentence.  The crime may be prosecuted in state or federal court, depending on the amount in controversy and the particular circumstances involved in the case.  Due to the seriousness of such criminal charges, it is important to carefully consider who to hire to represent you against such charges.  It is very important to select someone who has experience dealing with cases of this magnitude and in this particular realm.  It is also important that he or she is licensed to practice before the court that is selected, such as state or federal court.