Steps to Take If You’re Accused of Money Laundering

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29th Jun 2015

Have you been accused of money laundering? This is a serious accusation and one that must be taken seriously by hiring a lawyer who has experience with white-collar offenses in Miami-Dade.   Even the specter of the money laundering charge may cast shadows against your reputation and cause others to wonder if you can be trusted.

It can take weeks or months to successfully fight a money laundering charge in Miami-Dade.   How long the case takes depends on multiple factors, but you can ensure that it’s addressed as quickly as possible by hiring someone who focuses in this complex area of criminal defense.

Your first step after being accused of money laundering is to gather any evidence that supports your innocence.   It will also require careful scrutiny consideration of the proffered evidence against you.   Knowledge and interpretation of the evidence, all of the evidence, is essential in having an effective criminal defense for these charges.

As soon as you learn of even the possibility of an allegation of money laundering, it is crucial to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.   Talking to the authorities without the representation of an attorney can actually do more harm than good, even if you think that you’re being cooperative by answering their questions and complying with their requests.   Just to be sure that your rights are being protected appropriately; always exercise your absolute constitutional right to consult with your attorney.   Your attorney can explain the next steps to you and advise you of your legal options.